5 Benefits of Ranch Home Designs


Commonly known as “Ranch” homes, these designs are defined by their long rooflines and their open-plan living layouts. Offering a range of benefits for their owners, ranch homes are typically a single-storey design, often featuring large windows along the front of the house.

These homes are rare in metropolitan Melbourne because they require a sprawling land lot that offers a broad frontage to suit the home design and provide prominent and generous street appeal.

5 Benefits of a Ranch Home

  1. Connected To The Outdoors
    Ranch homes are designed to bring the outdoors in, helping the homeowners get the most from their outdoor spaces. Large windows draw light into the house and spread it throughout. The floorplans often celebrate alfresco areas or a porch/verandah, integrating them into more of the indoor spaces.
  2. Flexibility Over Time
    As our lives change, so does the way we use our homes. Ranch style homes offer flexibility as they age because the single-storey layout allows spaces to be used in the ways that best suit the homeowners at that time. Bedrooms can easily be transformed into an office, a home gym, a music room, or an arts and crafts studio, for example.
  3. Family-Friendly Homes
    Large double-storey family homes often place living areas on the ground floor, while the bedrooms are grouped together on the second level. For families, seemingly small things, like having the laundry on the same floor as the bedrooms, can make a big difference and save homeowners a lot of time. Additionally, ranch homes often provide a floorplan that promotes separate zones within the home to improve the livability for homeowners. For example, many ranch home floorplans separate the master suite from the other bedrooms for added privacy.
  4. It’s a Peaceful Environment
    There is also an element of reduced noise through the home. Everyday activities such as children playing or running around can create noise that is more easily contained in a single-level floorplan that is spread out and designed accordingly. Additionally, many ranch homes provide 2nd or 3rd living areas, which are separate to the main living and dining spaces, for entertaining or to provide families with separate living retreats that create a more peaceful home.
  5. Futureproofing Your Investment
    It might not be an immediate concern, but if you are thinking about building your “forever home” it is worth thinking about the future and designing a home that will age with you. In the future it may become more important to have a home that will easily accommodate babies and small children, growing families and teenagers or even limited mobility. Ranch homes remove the need to go up and down stairs making them easier to navigate for families of all shapes and sizes.

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*Image supplied by Langdon Homes


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